Website Audit

Save money, time and guess work -  find out what is really happening on your website

Want to know why your website is not as effective at converting traffic as it should be?  We will dig deep into your data to find out why your traffic is not converting and will offer cost effective solutions within your budget to solve the issues that have arisen.  Money back if we can't find 3 areas where you can dramatically improve your performance.
Do I need an audit?
If any of the issues below sound familiar to you, then you're a perfect fit for an audit

  • Your website isn't ranking well for your desired Google search terms
  • Your losing sales through your cart checkout process
  • Not getting enough leads.
  • You've just launched a brand new website but you do not know exactly how to make sure it's working as it should
  • You're losing position in search engines for terms you used to rank well for
  • You're not converting visitors into customers and you don't know why you can't get traction
  • Your SEO is not bringing you in any traffic

If your website is not performing as you think it should be and you don't know how to fix it let us show you how to take back control.
“If only I had done this earlier. I wish I knew that it was this simple to make dramatic changes.”
William Landers
How it works
  • Contact us to arrange a website audit.  We will then discuss the details and arrange access to your data.  We are happy to sign any disclaimers and will never share your data.  Please note, we will not do audits on any of your listed competitors for at least two years from this audit date.

  • You will receive a pdf document detailing how your website performs in each of the below areas.  The document will be colour coded by the title header using a traffic light system
  1. Green – meaning no change required.
  2. Amber – change will improve performance
  3. Red – urgent changes required as dramatically affecting website performance. 

  • Areas that are identified as requiring needing work, we will detail the work involved in putting this right.  This will take three options
  1. Advice Sheets or tutorial links on how to put the issue right yourselves – this option will always be issued first on simple areas that are easy to fix, allowing you to work through them at your own pace and time.
  2. In-house – we will offer a cost for us to do this for you.
  3. Where work cannot be carried out in-house i.e where we would rely on a website designer to gain access, you can take the detailed explanation to your website technician and ask them to do the work for you. If you are looking to move away from your website designer we can make local recommendations.  Please ask for more details.

Our reports will be written in an easy to understand format.
We offer a 20% discount to those who have an audit on our services to put right the problems highlighted.
  1. The reason most websites are not converting traffic is because they are not set up correctly in the first place. Here we will look at the technical side of your website. We will check the technical side of your website to ensure all your social accounts are linked correctly, search engines are registering your website, technical issues which affect website performance such as page speed, page sizes, mobile responsiveness and security.
    Website Set up
  2. There is no point doing social media if these posts are not converting into more traffic or customers. Here we will analyse your social accounts, ensure are optimised correctly so your client base can find you. We will drill down into your analytics, profile your audience and compare to the website data to see how that traffic converts. If you have paid for a full survey, we will profile your competitors, see what posts are converting for them, where they are positioned and what volume of traffic it is converting and make suggestions to you to increase your social profile.
  3. This shows how your customer base is interacting with you online. It will flag up potential barriers, highlight pages where you have high bounce rates and look for solutions. We will look and test all pages of your website from a user experience to ensure visitors to your website have no barriers to conversion.
    Website Journey
  4. Here we do a full competitor analysis. We will look at the following areas: Traffic - Where it is coming from and why Technology - What technology they are using to convert traffic Social - types of posts they are using and where they are positioning themselves SEO - look at keywords that are generating the most amount of clicks,
    Competitor Analysis
  5. SEO should be generating income for your company. We will be able to place a value on your current keyword content and give you an average in your area to see how you stack up against the crowd. In addition to this we will look at your content for SEO, language, calls to action etc to see where there is room for improvement and suggest changes.
    Content / SEO
  6. Deciphering what technology can be used to help convert traffic on your website can be a minefield. We work with companies with all budgets ranging from zero to thousands of pounds and can offer advice accordingly. We will look at existing technology to see if there are better alternatives on the market for your company.
  7. Ever wondered what happened to your traffic when it arrives at your website from a PPC or Facebook ad? Here we will look at any advertising and promotions you have done in the past year. We will see, where possible, how this traffic translated on-line, suggest future improvements increase conversions.
    Advertising and Promotion

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