Conversion Optimisation

Know your customers

Over the past 15 years the internet has changed considerably.
First, it was enough just to have a website presence, now consumers are becoming more demanding on what they require from a brand and those that don't keep up will fail.

We know that ensuring you not only understand your customer's entire journey through your website but also ensuring you have strong objectives as to what you want to achieve will help increase your conversion rate.

This information will then feedback to your marketing strategy to not only increase visitor numbers but conversions as well.

We use a series of tools from heat maps, scroll maps and google analytics, and feed this back to you in an easy to understand format.

Website Planning Details

  1. The reason most websites don't convert traffic is because they are not set up correctly in the first place. We will detail what type of website is required, accounts to link, what tools are required to ensure its effectiveness and future proofing. We will also ensure you will have complete control of your website from the intellectual rights, redirects, error handling etc
    Website Set up
  2. This will detail each and every page of your website and the customer journey from home page through to either checkout or call to action. We know what journeys work best and how to maximise your customer experience to ensure your lower your bounce rates, reduce returns, or increase your enquiries. We will also look at how you operate your business offline. Often the way a company sells successfully off-line is not translated on-line. We will look at the internal process of selling to ensure continuity.
    Website Journey
  3. Deciphering what technology can be used to help convert traffic on your website can be a minefield. We work with companies with all budgets ranging from zero to thousands of pounds and can offer advice accordingly. We will look at existing technology to see if there are better alternatives on the market for your company.
  4. By looking at successful online business models within your industry we can see where their traffic is coming from, how it is converting that traffic and look to model your website on theirs but place you as a more attractive prospect. This can allow you to ethically steal your competitor's clients right from under their noses. We will research your market place extensively, prove to you what works and how we apply this to your business. This allows us to cherry pick the most successful areas of competitors websites to create a utopia for your business meaning you will be streaks ahead of the competition.
    Successful business models we can prove
  5. Data, data, data - We will drill down into your websites analytical data to see how your clients are interacting with your website, potential blockers, and areas you are doing well on. We will also look at your competitor's marketplace, the tools they are using to increase online conversions and what is working for them.

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