Growth Marketing Course

How to digitally spy on your competitors and get ahead

Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking is not just the latest buzz word.  Growth hacking is gaining traction as one of the most successful forms of marketing for its low acquisition cost and high ROI.  This is because we can literally see what your competitors are doing to achieve growth, where their audience is coming from and how to hack their sales pipeline.  This will allow us to benefit from their hard work ensuring quick and sustainable growth.

Our Course

We will supply you with the tools to be able to spy on your competitors so you understand how and what they are doing on line to achieve growth.  

These areas will cover

Traffic - Where their traffic is coming from, social, SEO,  link building, mail, branding etc and their most popular pages.

Advertising/promotions - Where they advertise, what type of advert, keywords used, which ads drive the most amount of traffic, estimated the cost per click. 

Products / Services - We will look at the services /products they offer, hack their sales pipeline and look at their after sales process and how their products are linked.

We will then show you how to place you in front of the same audience but as a more attractive prospect.   This can be through articles, advertising, within social media wherever your competition is gaining traction.

 This will allow you to take trade away from your competitors.  We will look at our proposition and create a tripwire (something so enticing they have to click through).

We will then look at optimising your sales funnels to ensure a high conversion rate.

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Unicorn House | 2 Watermoor Road | GL7 1JW Cirencester | United Kingdom
31st October 2017 from 09:00 to 16:30 (GMT)

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