Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

 Social media can be a bit of a minefield.  Whilst it’s now an important factor in ranking well in search as it drives traffic to your website, it can be hard to know what works and where to place your efforts. That's where we can help. We don't believe in doing social media for social medias sake.  We know what works in your industry and we can prove it.

We don't just look at the types of posts that convert or increase traffic but also at your website and how it is best placed to convert that traffic.

So how do we do it?

Social Media Audit
We start by performing an audit to ensure your social media channels/boards are optimised
See what has worked for you and for your competition
Discuss with you what KPI's we want to achieve, at this juncture and where we can make quick wins

We will look at how the traffic arrives at your website and how that traffic can be converted
Create a plan

Build Your Audience
We’ll strategically target users and influencers within your industry as well as cross -market with other complementary business to build your brand to increase your profile. i.e. an example of this would include a footwear company teaming with a clothing store that does not sell shoes or placing yourself where your competitors are gaining traction but putting your business as a more attractive prospect.

Social Posting - Content Marketing
We will work with you to look at content already on your site and newly created content to schedule monthly posts for you.  We work to all budgets and will look for quick wins.

Social Advertising/PPC
Social advertising can turbo boost engagement and website traffic to unprecedented heights.  We will streamline your budgets to ensure they are working effectively so your return on investment is at its maximum.  We can also see where your competitors are advertising if it is bringing in revenue and place you in front of their audience, cutting cost and increasing ROI.

We will provide comprehensive monthly reports detailing how your social media profiles are having a positive effect on your business, ensuring its meeting (and exceeding!) key targets set out at the audit stage.

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