What is a customer journey map?

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What is a customer journey map?

A customer journey map is a framework that enables you to improve your customer experience. It documents the customer experience through their perspective, helping you best understand how customers are interacting with you now and helps you identify areas for improvement or blockers within your website, cart checkout process and social channels that may be stopping them from purchasing.  We will drill down on the details to ensure that the user experience is positive which will reduce bounce rates, increase conversions and increase your rankings.

How to Create a Customer Journey Map?

  1. Think about your ideal client
  2. understand clients goals
  3. Map out buyer touchpoints ask yourself
  • When you are promoting a product or service where does your prospect go and how and when do they get therefrom
  • Does your product or service solve their problem?
  • How can you demonstrate outcome for the client – eg testimonial or case studies
  • Have you answered objections
  • Have you added all the information they require to make a decision or do they need to go somewhere else

Remember :

It’s essential to remember that, when deciding the steps, customers will enter the funnel at different stages and convert at different times. Understanding the customer journey ensures all the key stages are optimised, allowing you to check:

  • Which parts of the funnel are failing or working well
  • What the landing page requirements will be
  • What part of the funnel requires further optimisation

Examples of funnel stages

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