Want the formula for a highly converting landing page? We’ve got it

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The goal of a landing page is all about converting visitors into customers.  Here are some of our tips on getting your landing page to convert.

It’s all about the headline

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will click and read more?  So if you don’t get your headline right then you are unlikely to be able to get your message across.

Headlines should be

  1. Short and Concise
  2. Needs to identify the problem
  3. Show that you have the solution
  4. SEO Optimised
  5. If your stuck try Portent.com for title ideas and  for a bit of fun


Landing Page Check List

Know your audience

Some industries like long-form articles, others like it short, snappy, and with video to easily digest the information.  Understanding who you are talking to will help build trust in your audience.


Yup that’s right but we prefer to call it research.  It is fine to look for inspiration wherever you can.  This will ensure you have the topic you are talking about well researched and will be delivering good content to those who require it.  If you are being stacked up against the competition then you have to look better right?  Tools like Buzzsumo allow you to look up content that has been liked and shared widely.  If you use the paid-for tool it will also give you access to twitter shares who may share your content.

Use Technology

Don’t be afraid to use technology to understand how your page is being used. Crazyegg is a heatmapping tool that will show where prospects are clicking and how far down the page they are scrolling, it will also record prospects journies on that page so you can understand what content is resonating and what is turning cold.


Most people need 7 interactions with your company before they buy and not everyone is ready right now.  Your client base will also be made up of different types of people, those that may be sold to better with emotion or those that are factual.  If you have created a page that is selling based on fact-based content and that prospect didn’t buy you don’t want to send them back to the same landing page.  What do you do?  Retarget with a different message.  If your first landing page was built with emotion try retargeting with factual information.

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