Why Offer Product Recommendations to Customers?

By using the recommendation tactic when showing products of a similar nature to customers you will get more conversions, higher order values and an overall greater trust in your brand as it will allow them to find one that best suits their needs.  For retails who frequently add new products to their stock, this tactic will work well as you can introduce your audience who are already lloyal to your brand to new lines

How can I recommend products to my customers?

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine will allow you to configure Netflix and Amazon style product suggestions for your customers. The plugin automatically recommends products to users based on view history, purchase history and products that are frequently purchased together. It is a great way to provide for automatic cross and up sells, and will help users browse and purchase more products from your store.

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Types of Recommendations

Related Products By View

This module shows products which customers also viewed. Each time someone views a product it is recorded in the recommendation engine database. This data is then processed by the module and shows products which are often viewed together. Excellent way to provide automatic related products and to help drive users to view products they might not have otherwise found.

Related Products by Purchase History

This module shows products that are often purchased by the same users. The products do not need to be purchased at the same time. It’s excellent for showing products which are purchased by the same users over the course of time. It is a great way to get users to purchase more products at the same time by showing them things that other users have came back to the site to purchase later.

Products Purchased Together

This module shows products which are frequently purchased at the same time and on the same order. This type of view is an excellent way to build and show a database of products which are often needed together to complete an order. Often times accessories or other type of addons will be purchased at the same time by a user, and this engine will show those bundles to end users. Excellent way to get shoppers to purchase products they might not have been considering or had thought they would need.

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