I’ve got a pretty cool SEO hack for you today that will boost your rankings and organic traffic with very little effort.

This strategy is so effective it will massively increase your traffic.

So, what is it?

Google prefers up to date, in-depth and accurate content. However, if you’re only publishing new content, your old content can become irrelevant and receive less and less traffic over time.

You may have already noticed that some of your older pages used to get much more traffic than they do now. Or that you keep writing content and your traffic barely goes up.

So how do you revive your old content and get even more traffic than you used to have?

I’m going to show the strategy I use on my older content. It’s so effective, I have 3 full-time people that just do this for me.

Let’s get started…

Step #1 – Look at one of your older pieces of content. What’s the main keyword you are targeting with that page?

Step #2 – Download Chrome Extension Keywords Everywhere Once you have the keyword Everywhere, head over to google and type in the keyword and hit “search”.

Step #3 – On the left-hand navigation you will see related keyword suggestions

Step #4 – Download the spreadsheet

This will show you all of the keywords that have an SEO difficulty of .0-1 as shown in the yellow column

What that means is these keywords are easier to rank for on Google. SEO difficulty is a score from 0.1 to 1 The higher the number the harder it is to rank for on Google. The lower the number, the easier it is to rank for.

Step #5 – I want you to to google and type in the keyword you want to target and see who come up as the top 3 pages in this listing. Open that page and click the keywords everywhere chrome extension on that page.

This will press analyse page content for keywords and associated keywords and how many times associated keywords are mentioned in the copy. Using the keyword or phrase in a variety of ways throughout a page will greatly increase the chances of showing up higher in the rankings for that term.

Step #6 – I want you to go through the list of keywords and integrate them into your old page. Now, don’t just stuff in these keywords into the page. Update the page by making it more valuable for your visitors. And if any of these keywords fit in nicely, add them. But again, don’t stuff them in, the last thing you want to hurt the user experience.

Bonus tip – On the keywords ideas report, you’ll also notice a CPC column. This stands for cost per click. This is roughly how much it costs to buy this keyword through a paid ad.

Now, of course, you are trying to rank organically and not pay for the keyword, but the general rule of thumb is that you want to rank for keywords in the organic results that cost more. Because those keywords tend to generate more leads and sales.

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