You have spent hours creating a course, recording it and adding it to your website.  So what is the best way to promote your course?  A course landing page!

Below are some examples of course landing pages and a checklist of what elements are needed to create a strong landing page.

What is needed on a course landing page?

A course landing page is a stand-alone web page that you can send your marketing to.  This landing page needs to:

  • Have a strong hero banner  
  • Include an enticing call to action, e.g., Sign up to your free trial; Create a free account
  • Have a clear and concise message with no jargon
  • Be clear on the benefits and features of the course
  • Speak the clients’ language to show you understand issues they have faced and how you can solve them
  • Talk about what they will have after they have taken the course, e.g., “After this course you will be….”
  • State the costs
  • Social proof against your competitor’s courses
  • Give an incentive to follow you on social media
  • Show course modules
  • Have an FAQ page
  • Say who the course is for
  • Say who their instructor is

Below are some examples of well-designed courses pages



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