So how do you create an engaging “About Us” page that gets across your Aha! moment?

Your about page should show you and your company as genuine, approachable, and head and shoulders above your competitors.  Below we are going to outline what the best about us pages have so you can achieve it for yourself.

Step 1 – decide what you want the person to achieve when they are on your about us page eg, contact you, look at your products or services.

Step 2.– Establish your mission statement.  A good mission statement is clear and concise statement about why your business exists.  Here you need to state the goal of your company, and what a client or customer will feel after they have used your product or service.

Step 3 – Outline the company story. Every business was started on an “aha!” moment when they noticed that the marketing was lacking something you could offer.  Below outline your “aha!” moment, any milestones you have had along the way, and reveal how your business

Step 4 – Tell your audience who you serve and where you operate.

Step 5 – Describe your values.  Your prospective buyers are human beings and want to be treated as such.  Tell them what your culture is like and what you stand for.

Below are some examples of About Us pages that we believe stand out above the rest.

Marc Ensign

Marc Ensign has nailed the balance between being friendly and someone who takes his work seriously.  He has shown that he has identified the gap in the market for his service whilst speaking in a language that will help his target audience resonate with their own feelings and objections.

Joe Payton

This about us page is about fun whilst also about getting across the fact that he is an awesome illustrator.

Anton & Irene

Anton and Irene’s about us page manages to get a lot of information over to the viewer in a very querky way.  It is engaging and interactive. 

Other examples include



We Make Fun

Burton Snowboards

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