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Looking for a Rockstar LinkedIn Profile that will create leads?

Every day potential clients are looking at your LinkedIn profile…

Would they choose you?

Nearly every business professional in the world is on LinkedIn, including your ideal clients. LinkedIn currently has approximately 80% of B2B leads being generated on social media coming from LinkedIn.  According to Hubspot, it is 277% more effective than any other social media platform for generating leads.

However first impressions online are critical.  Business professionals on LinkedIn take approximately 3 seconds to decide if they like the look of your profile or not, so getting it right is critical.  Make the right first impression and you potentially create a life long client.  Make the wrong first impression and you will keep missing out on opportunity after opportunity, which your competitors will be more than happy to snap up.

Your profile is the touchpoint of all your marketing efforts on LinkedIn.  Why? Because this is the piece of information that is always visible to potential clients.  No matter what you do post, comment, like etc it is this bit of information that will follow you around wherever you go.  Getting this right is the key to going from a nobody to a somebody and turning those all-important connections into paying clients.

Our online course will teach you in easy steps how to supercharge your Linkedin profile from a touchpoint to a lead generating client magnet giving you credibility and establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information.

If your LinkedIn profile doesn’t

  • Talk to your ideal client by identifying their goals, issues within their business, understand their dreams…
  • Position you as the solution...
  • Demonstrate your authority, credibility and expertise...
  • Allow clients to social proof you before working with you...

then you are leaving serious growth potential on the table.  Your LinkedIn profile is one of THE most highly sophisticated tools in your arsenal to generate leads.  In fact only 1% of LinkedIn Users are using these strategies BUT 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. 79% of B2B marketers agree that LinkedIn is an effective marketing channel. 46% percent of social media traffic coming to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn. 43% of marketers surveyed have gotten customers from LinkedIn.

Ask yourself

  • Do you receive connection requests from you ideal clients wanting to do business with you
  • Do you have connection requests accepted by your ideal clients
  • How many times do you turn up in searches each week for clients looking for your products or service

If the answer is I don’t know or not many then this course is for you


Massive increase in my ideal clients approaching me

I could not really work out why LinkedIn was not working for me until I took this course.  Whilst I was doing all the right things to generate leads I was not getting results.  This taught me that my profile was all wrong. Since I have corrected this I have been seeing a massive increase in my ideal c…

Sarah Barnes

Great bit sized steps which have made a huge difference to my business

I can highly recommend this LinkedIn course. Great bit sized steps which have made a huge difference to my business.  I can’t wait to apply all the tactics.  I had no idea that I could utilise LinkedIn as a key sales and marketing tool. Excellent and great value for money!!! Please keep the trai…

Mark Barr

I had no idea how to market myself to my ideal client

I had no idea how to market myself to my ideal client, this course taught me how to identify my clients pain points and position myself as the expert.  I feel my LinkedIn profile is really strong now.  I had them develop my header as my design skills were not up to much but I am really happy with the …


Full information and it helped me to create the best LinkedIn profile

This course was full of information and it has helped me to create the best LinkedIn profile by myself.  Feeling quite chuffed.  Great value for money


Just Brilliant

Since taking this course I have made some of the changes and I am already seeing positive results.  Thanks


Course full of knowledge and good insights

I have not had time to implement all of the training but it was clear and concise and made me realise i have a lot of work to do. Course full of knowledge and good insights

Genève Auckland

The course was professionally delivered

This course was professionally delivered. The great thing about it being online was I could take it in my own time alongside doing other work.  I have slowly made changes to my profile and can see it has already made a difference.


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