Link Separate Products Together by Size, Color, and More

Link Separate Products Together by Size, Color, and More


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WooCommerce Linked Variations

Link Separate Products Together by Size, Color, and More

  • Create swatch-style links between separate products in your WooCommerce store.
  • Replicate eCommerce giants like Amazon; link together different versions of a product without using variations.

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 Trusted by over 12,000 WooCommerce Businesses and Online Shops

Showcase more products

By separating your variations into single products you can increase the size of your product collection for your customers, offering more choice.

Accurate search results

Usually, if your customer filters by “Purple” a variable product with a different coloured image will be displayed. With WooCommerce Linked Variations the exact product matches can be displayed, including the relevant product image; avoid any confusion for your customer.

Product clarity

Users can see at a glance which variations of a product are available, without having to navigate a series of select fields. Unavailable options are faded out.

Product image swatches

Customers can immediately see what the product variations look like before making their final choice.

Intuitive product options

Clicking a product option takes you straight to the relevant product; all of your linked variations reside on their own URL and can be indexed by Google.


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